Joan, from New Mexico:

  I  wanted to tell you that Rosie (from Honey and Gentry) is doing fantastic – she is a gorgeous girl, sweet as can be, and very very smart.  She just began intermediate obedience training and we expect to take her straight through to earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.  What a wonderful retriever she is – she fetches the thrown object and returns it to your hand!

I hope all is well with you and your family!  We are grateful to you for giving Rosie such a good start in life!  We just love her so much!

paw1 CooperDan adopted a puppy out of Charlotte and Cowboy

Just to let you know Cooper is doing very well. He is the best dog ever and we couldn't be happier. I am sending a couple of photos for you to see. I hope all is well there and things are going well. I can't say it enough that we feel very lucky that we got our dog from you folks. He has the gentlest deposition and very well mannered. Thanks again.

paw1TuckSarai adopted a puppy out of Princess and Cowboy

 I have been meaning to email you for quite some time now!!! First of all, I want to thank you sooooo much for our little bundle of love, Tuck! He is such a good puppy and brings so much happiness to our lives! He is growing fast and learning more and more each day! Potty training was a cinch, thank goodness! Crate training as well, in fact, when we brought him home, the first thing he did was walk right into his "den" (crate) and lay down.  So he has literally been crate trained since that day. He made it through all of his shots and never any problems. I recently started taking him to work and he's great! He's also quite the swimmer, even got up on a Stand Up Paddleboard with me! He's learning commands pretty easily, his newest (and my favorite) is High Five!

paw1 Jennifer Workman adopted a puppy out of Honey and Gentry 

 Just wanted to update you on our Tucker. He's 8 months old now and still the best dog EVER! He never seemed to go through the "puppy" phase(hyper, chewing). He gets excited to see us when we come home but settles down on command. We are absolutely amazed by him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives! He is our 3rd kid(we have 2 of our own). He is so gentle and sweet with our kids. They are 3 and 5 years old so he gets laid on and played with a lot. He just loves it. I think that has a lot to do with your kids playing with the puppies all the time. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Thank you so so much!


Cooper is a puppy out of Princess and Gentry

Cooper is the most
 personable and loving dog. He wants to do everything right and won't
 leave our feet.  Thank you so much! 


Joan adopted a puppy out of Honey and Gentry 

 comments at 2 months 

Rosie girl is doing super.  We have puppy kindergarten class tonight and she's a real star, learns very quickly, and is the mellowest dog in class!  She goes to sleep when it isn't her turn to perform, so cute! She knows "sit, down, wait, leave it, and are working on the come command" – sometimes she comes and sometimes she'd rather not! She is very very smart and is easy to train. 

 comments at 6 months:  Rosie is doing fantastic – she is a gorgeous girl, sweet as can be, and very very smart.  She just began intermediate obedience training and we expect to take her straight through to earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.  What a wonderful retriever she is – she fetches the thrown object and returns it to your hand! (she actually kind of shoves it into your hand!!  :)
Rosie is 6 months old now, weighs 42-43 pounds, and is beginning to get feathers on her tail and haunches.   We are grateful to you for giving Rosie such a good start in life!  We just love her so much!


 CallieDonna adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry

Just wanted to let you know that Callie is continuing to do excellently.  She is doing great at housebreaking and is a calm and loving dog.  I think I have finally gotten the dog I have always wanted.
Here is Callie!  She is a great puppy – very calm and sweet.   She listens
well and learns quickly!  Thanks for everything.

paw1 brittney and braedonBrittney adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry 

Here is a picture of Sir Braedon Landslow and I taken on Thanksgiving Day. I can't tell you what a great disposition he has. He quickly adjusted to our home, and has been nothing but a complete joy. He was house trained within a week. He is very intelligent and is already learning commands such as fetch, stay, No, Good boy.
Thank you for taking the time to provide him a safe environment to be whelped in. I know that your care, love, and high level of breeder standards is the reason that my new four legged family member will grow into  a beautiful boy with the highest of standards  set by the AKC.
Thank you


 Clair adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry

I can rarely take her to the dog park without someone commenting on how beautiful and sweet she is, and there is no comparison to the other golden's at the park. She is far more sturdy, blocky, and mellow by comparison.
There are a couple of English Golden's there however, when I compare faces, they look more like white American Golden's, or they have a blocky head and pink nose's. Not one dog that I have seen has had Chelsea's beautiful dark pigmentation, and people do notice!
She creates a stir wherever she goes. So much so, that my niece wants to disguise her when we go for a walk, so we can just talk or shop without being interrupted by people passing by, answering questions about Chelsea. :)
She is quite the talker as well, not a barker, but a talker! My husband swears that she is just going to open her mouth and say something in English one day, it's hysterical!
Needless to say, she is our joy. There is not one single day that goes by that she dose not make us smile!
Thank's Lisa!


Brent Hughes adopted a puppy out of Nova Jasna and Gentry

Roe is the best puppy I have ever been around!  I am not kidding.  She sleeps most of the night (I'll maybe have to get up once or twice).  She plays hard….and then sleeps hard.  She and my dog Wrigley are great friends already.  She is responsive and is practically house broken as well.  So again, she is perfect.
I can't thank you enough for Roe!  


 I haven't updated you in a while and i just thought id let you know how Sally is doing.  She is almost a year now and AMAZING! we LOVE her.  She is the smartest, sweetest dog we have known.  She loves to chase me around parks and run all day long.  So fun.  


SpencerJohn and Vicki Debaun adopted a puppy out of Charlotte and Gentry

(Capemay, NJ) 

First of all let me say he's Perfect , We have 3 other dogs and yet there is a void he has filled .What a wonderful job you have done breeding this dog. Thank You

Just wanted to up date you about "Spencer ". 
He's doing great!!   He's very smart and he now rings the Doggie bells that hang on the door when he has to go out.  He is well over 22lbs.  We take him for walks all the time and even had him to the beach.  He has such a pretty face and is quite light in color.
We leave for Fla. this Thurs. to pick up our Motor Home,  Spencer and our Corgie Fergie are going with us.  This is his first trip. He's going to meet alot of our family in Fort Lauderdale Fla.
He's very good at the vets and is quite a hit there.  He also comes with me to work at our Kitchen and Bath Showroom.  The other day he took the dog bed out of one of the crates and drug it to the middle of the showroom to lie down in it, sooo funny!!  He always makes us laugh!
Spencer also loves my horse Jarvis,  he loves to lick Jarvis's nose.


Don and Deanna Diehn adopted two puppies out of Charlotte and Gentry

Scout first, then Dodger a week later

Every time he goes to do anything, he takes off with his brother to go do it and then it is like a thought comes into his head that “I better make sure it is OK”   and he runs to me, I tell him to go have fun he gives me a couple of kisses and takes off.  Really a conscientious little puppy!  The two little boys are the hit of the new neighborhood!  They love to go on their walks in the evening and say Hi to all the people and kids on bikes.  We now have a following of kids that ride with us when we walk.  We enjoy both puppies immensely!   You can sure tell the difference between Diablo’s breeder (somewhat of a puppy mill) and you guys!  Just a night and day difference in how confident, well mannered and calm these two little guys are.  You are wonderful breeders and we will pass your business info along to everyone.


Ali Barnes adopted a puppy out of Honey and Gentry, his name is Jackson.

(Salt Lake City, UT)

   I just wanted to thank you again for Jackson (from Honey and Gentry). He is getting so big! He is just a beautiful puppy and we love him so much. He is going to make Christmas even more fun! He loves to play in the snow and tackle our other dog, but he also likes to lay on our feet and cuddle. We start puppy class in January. He is so alert and smart, I am sure he will do well. Potty training is going well and he has learned to sit to get fed or get a treat. Thank your kids again for helping to raise such great puppies. The more I read about dogs, I realize how important their first few weeks are, and you and your family got him off to a good start. We LOVE him!!!

The more I read and do research on how to find a good breeder, the more I realize how lucky I was to find you and Utah English Goldens! These puppies come from excellent lines and are raised in the right environment—not some horrible puppy mill. Everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful Jackson is. He is smart—so observant and curious, and doing well in his training class. I would recommend your puppies to anyone looking for a golden retriever (and I have!)

Jackson Jackson is on the left 

 Update on Jackson

 I am involved with Intermountain Therapy Animals with my older dog and one day I was helping with screening and evaluating new teams. A woman walked in with her golden and I thought “Oh, she stole Jackson!” This dog looked JUST like mine! After the evaluation I asked where she got him and sure enough, he was a Honey/Gentry dog! He passed the test by the way.
It is now almost exactly 2 years since we came down and got him. I am so glad we did! I cannot express to you how much I love this dog. He is smart and very funny. He really makes us laugh. He is not a dog that needs to be petted every second, yet he loves to be near us. If I get up and move to another room, I hear little paws following me and soon Jackson is curled up by my feet. He is a sweetheart. Thank you again for raising such great dogs.


Charles adopt a puppy out of Dolly and Gentry 

My family is doing very well and our new baby Roxy is growing very quickly. She is a wonderful dog with a great personality that has become one of the family. She is in the middle of attending training classes and I can say without a doubt she is the best in the class. I have been stopped by many people on the street and in class and told what a beautiful coat she has and what a great personality. There are three other golden's in the class about the same age and they cant hold a candle to our baby. 


Chris adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry 

Now that he's almost 4mos, he definitely has his moments when he's not the perfect gentleman (not paying attention, being stubborn, etc), but he's a very smart boy, quick learner and for the most part eager to please. 
He's made tons of friends/fans in the neighborhood and on our walks around… it's amazing how many people in the park we walk through know his name and come to see him when we're out… he's quite the little star! ;)   As you can see, he's a handsome boy and quite the charmer.  In the pictures, he's with his favorite entertainment, carrying and chewing on coconuts.  I guess he's just like his Dad, in that he loves to find a branch, or large leaf, or coco and carry it around on our walks.


MiloPam and Dave adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry, his name is Milo

Just thought you'd like an update on Milo.  He's doing just great – loves all his new buddies.  Sadly we lost our old Golden on Mother's Day.  Milo really loved him – he would nuzzle him and try to play in such a gentle way – I think he knew he was another Golden.  Milo is having so much fun wrestling with our other two.  Just thought you'd like to hear from us.  We love Milo – he's so sweet.  Hope you enjoy the couple of pictures.

Milo, now an adult (below)

Milo2  paw1

 CanecorralCrystal adopted a puppy out of Lady and Gentry, his name is Cane

Littleton, CO 

I just wanted to say thank you again. He has been such a joy to our home and will continue to be a member of the family for many years to come. You have proven to be exactly what anyone could hope for in a breeder and I thought you would like to know.
Cane has so much personality. He is a total sweetheart that loves to play REALLY hard and then cuddle up with someone to sleep it off.  Cane also loves the sprinklers and mud. He is a boy through and through.
My saint bernard, Coral, is eating again, and is completely back to her old self. In fact she kind of became a mom in a way. She just loves Cane so much. They hit it off right away and are inseparable. Cane loves to curl up inside Coral and sleep. We find them cuddled up together all the time.
I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a fantastic job and for your extra love for him while he was with you. I have attached a few pictures for you to enjoy. Thanks again!


DaisyLisa Stein adopted a puppy out of Dolly and Gentry

Ft. Worth, TX 

 I just wanted to let you know that everything is great with "Pam".  Her new name is Daisy.  She's the best puppy I've ever had for sure!  You described her just right, mellow, but playful.  She doesn't have accidents in the house.  She has always gone outside from day one.  She figured out the doggie door on her own and goes out to go potty when she needs to.  She's very smart!  She's spoiled rotten.  She gets lots of attention and loves it.  I just wanted to give you an update.

paw1  Winnie Jenna Estwin adopted a puppy out of Dolly and Gentry, she is named Winnie

Newberry Park, CA 

Things have been going really well with Winnie.  She is the most
adorable, loving puppy and we are very very happy with her.  We are so
glad that everything worked out.

Everything went great at her first vet visit and everyone there just
adored her.  No problems at all. We found an excellent vet so we are
happy about that as well.

We have been playing with her a lot around the house and in the
backyard and she is very smart, playful and listens well.  We also brought her over
to some friends houses and she was a very social and friendly with

Overall everything is going great, and i wanted to say thank you so
much for helping us pick her out, helping with arranging her pick up,
and answering all of our questions. 

  paw1   Karen adopted a puppy out of Charlotte and Gentry, they named him "Utah"

Mesa, AZ

 Utah is wonderful and the smartest pup I've ever seen.  I've never wanted to quit my job more then I do now…..I'd love to work with him all day, every day.  
He is a joy and we love him so much – what a huge void in our lives he has filled.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your caring and educated breeding….we have our son!!!
Spoiled??? Ahhh…first night Ray slept on the floor next to the crate.  From there Utah moved to the waterbed which has become his nightly sleeping spot – right next to his Dad.  If that means he's spoiled, he certainly deserves to be!  I feel spoiled just being his Mom.

paw1 Julie adopted a puppy out of Nova Jasna and Gentry

Moorhead, MN

  Things continue to go well with Birget.   She seems generally thrilled with life!  She is curious about everything and runs and plays, but if I am near she comes almost everytime I call her for petting and playing.  She wags her tail so much it throws her off balance sometimes.  She is a real "People dog" and loves to be around just about anyone and she has no trouble with attracting attention as she is so beautiful and loveable. 

paw1 Brad Gates adopted a puppy out of Dolly and Gentry

New Castle, CO

I am not inexperienced when it comes to breeding Goldens, and having puppies. Jude is so well bred, as far as intelligence, trainability, and she is very well socialized to people. She has shown no fear of people or anything we do with or to her, which means she trusts people and has never been mistreated.  Jude amazes me each day with how fast she is learning things. You can't get dogs like Jude from a "hap-hazard" breeder, or a puppy mill. Breeding dogs like Jude takes great care and time. I know that, and I feel so lucky to have found you, and Jude. Thanks again. Brad

2nd Testimonial from BRAD

Lisa, I've got to tell you about Jude. She is so amazing. We took her to Boulder this weekend, she was on a leash on the pearl street mall from 10 am to about 5 pm. She works well on the leash, never pulls, she gets it taunt and then she turns and looks at me for direction. She was approached by so many people it's hard to estimate the number. We had her in and out of stores, she laid under the table as we ate lunch. She never barked, or bit. When she was overwhelmed she would come to me and let me know to pick her up. No one believed she was only 9 weeks old. She barks at the door to get out, even in the motel, she had not had any accidents inside for almost a week.
What I want you to know is how advanced she is. I have never been able to socialize a dog at the rate we have her. She goes to work with me at the lab or with Louayne to school everyday. We have never left her alone yet but she is starting to place distance now at nap times, so that is coming. Jude is by far the most intelligent and advanced puppy I've ever had at this age. She is so eager to learn, a nine week old puppy that knows very well the meaning of "no"….. it's amazing. At Kayleighs on Friday night there were about five girls and us, there was pizza box on the floor that we were eating, Jude approached the box and sniffed, I said no a couple of times, she looked at me let out a big sigh, and plopped down like she had been punished. It was clear she understood everything. We are so happy with her and she is an exceptional puppy. I believe this is a product of excellent breeding. You don't get dogs like this by accident. Thank you for Jude.  Brad [email protected]


SuperTulaNancy Glick adopted a puppy out of Nova Jasna and Gentry

Bellevue, ID

Update given just a few days after taking little Tula home

 She has been doing terrific.  She is already crate trained and for the most part was from the minute we put her in there. (of course she was sound asleep).  She has only had a few nights that she hasn't slept through. 
She is potty trained for the most part with one exception where she piddled on a friends foot.  She has tons of energy but knows when it's time to settle down and relax.  We will start working on sit next week but she is doing very well with come minus a few sitting revolts.  
We love her personality


More comments from Nancy

I felt that Lisa was very forthcoming with everything I asked of her.  She does this for a living and only this, so there is genuine interest in providing the best puppy with the best background.  Even though she is doing this for a living she truly loves what she does and loves each puppy resulting in a happy puppy. I believe Lisa has gone above and beyond in researching the background of the parents to ensure a long healthy life.  She has been there throughout to help with any questions I have, whenever I have them.  I have had to call on her over the 10 months for best practice questions and Lisa always remembers me and is always willing to help.
 I have also learned from my vet that the goldens from out of the country, which Gentry is, result in far less problems that traditionally plague goldens like hip, eye etc.

Tula's disposition is sweet and silly.  She is now at the age where she is sucking up the knowledge like a sponge.  I have been able to teach her everything in a matter of minutes.  Meaning, she gets it in minutes and it obviously takes time and repetition to make things stick but she knows what she is being asked to do and genuinely LOVES to learn.  Tula is wild and crazy when we let her play and when she is asked to settle down she is happy to do as asked.  
She is very well socialized and gets along with every dog we've ever introduced her to.  She is fairly submissive but not to the point of being scared.  She realizes that other dogs are unpredictable and reacts accordingly.  I have taught her to sit and/or lie down when a new dog is approaching and she will wait until I tap her shoulder to release her if I know the dog is friendly or she will wait for the other dog to come check her out.  Whichever comes first.   Then we usually see "mad dog" where she runs around with limbs flying like her body is just too big to handle.  It is soo cute. 


Renee adopted a puppy out of Princess and Gentry

Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to tell you Mike's first week in Arizona went well.  He is doing well in his crate at night.  I put him inside and sit next to it until he falls asleep.  Seems to work well.  He is starting to chew everything unfortunately but, that is obviously expected of puppies. He will sometimes snore when he sleeps and it is so cute.  You were right when you said that he was a lover.  He is by my side at all times and will always want to snuggle next to me if he is sleeping or even just chewing on a toy on the floor.  Everyone in my neighborhood just loves him.  The kids especially. When I walk him the kid always run up to me to say hi to Mike.  He is just so precious.  Thank you again.


Sparrow2Chris Anthony adopted a puppy out of Charlotte and Gentry

Sparrow is a great pup, I love him to death.  He's beautiful too, looks a lot like his mom Charlotte.  He has a wonderful demeanor.  He's great with other animals and people. Everyone loves him wherever we go. 

Anyway, I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a pup for this or any other litter.  Thanks for keeping in touch.


MollyThe Udy's adopted a puppy out LADY and GENTRY

Las Vegas, NV

 Molly is such a great
dog.  We love her!  She is so cute.  We took her to the dog park for
the first time today and she was just the talk of the place.  
paw1 MurphyJohn adopted a puppy out of Charlotte and Gentry

  Saint 'Murphy' McDonough is his name.  He is an absolutely awesome dog.  I have had 3 other Goldens and Murph is, IMHO, the best one.  Great temperament, very smart, beautiful dog.



"They are so adorable!!!!   We are in heaven..  I was going to wait for you to see the pictures…..but just to let you know…..They are the most spoiled dogs in the history of dogs on earth.  They swim every day in the pool. The kids named them Daisy and Tucker.  . 
 I love them so much already. I thank God that I called your ad in the paper.  They are so good for our family.    I think that I told you that my husband developed cancer last year…this has really taken our minds off all the awful things that we went through last year.   
 They are actually the most well-behaved dogs that I have ever had.  We have not worked a lot with
training them, but they have caught on fast."   Dr. Pam Gallup  (Savanah, GA) 
      (912)484-4989/[email protected] 

" Auggie really is a special boy and we think he is a great dog. 
 He is so smart and wants to please."
Beth Looney (Bellaire, TX)
(713)592-0119/[email protected]






Utah English Goldens presented us with joy beyond our expectations in the form of "Murphy" our now almost four-month old pup. From the beginning before he arrived at our home in the state of Iowa ,Lisa DeGraffenreid has been right there (as if in person) to answer any questions and be helpful in any possible way. Murphy is very handsome, loving, intelligent dog with an almost"human" sense of humor. Only careful breeding can produce such a fine canine.

Thank you Lisa.

Candi Cline  (Cedar Rapids, IA)



We just picked up our puppy from Utah English Goldens. It was  the best experience I have ever had with a breeder. We were in constant contact from the beginning of our process of finding the right puppy for our family. Lisa was so supportive and helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to any one.  I know I can call her any time with questions no matter what. That is a very comforting feeling.  Diesel has fit right in since the day he came home.  He has just bonded immediately with. He has such a loving and playful personality. He is a hit every where we go.  We would recommend to anyone looking for a golden, to look no futher, Utah English are the best.         KAYLENE CLARK (Erie, CO)




Jacob (Cheryl's son) adopted a puppies out of Honey and Gentry. 

Lisa,? I just wanted to say "Thank You".  This little puppy is the most
delightful animal!! Jacob is thrilled with his dog. He used to wake up and turn on
the T.V.  Now he is outside playing with his dog, all day long, and Digger follows
him around everywhere.  Digger is sweet, obedient, loving, and great around
kids. Thank you again. Cheryl Felix (Mapleton, UT)



 paw1 "I want to let people know our puppy is the most lovable, energetic, charismatic
puppy around.  She enjoys making friends.  Any creature at all will do for Princess
Leia; human, canine, feline and many insect varieties too! 
Lisa was a pleasure to talk with and to purchase a puppy from.  She was responsive
any time I called with questions about the process or about the puppies.  Lisa
continues to hear from us as we continue to have questions about the raising of our
dog. " Anyone can contact me at http://webmail.dishmail.net/src/compose.php?send_to=conniemac2002%40msn.com<mailto:http://webmail.dishmail.net/src/compose.php?send_to=conniemac2002%40msn.com>
or at 253-639-4859 in Kent, Wa


Maggie learns really fast.  She can do all the basic things,
sit, lie down, etc. and I also have trained her to wear a doggie back pack
and she carrys her water bottle in the pouches when we go on hikes.  She
also has learned where our mailbox is (a 1 1/2 mile hike out to the road
from the ranch that we walk every day) and carrys our mail back to the
house.  She thinks that is her very important job to do.  She just cracks us
up.  She has learned to kennel up for bed at night and sleeps in her kennel
in our bedroom.

She was a breeze to potty train, the fastest potty trainer we ever had!  She
even does her buisness outside in just one spot (I didn't train her for
that, she just does that on her own) so she is really easy to clean up after
and you don't have to dodge doodies when you walk around the yard.  She
loves to play fetch, I didn't train her for that either, she just does it
naturally.  She LOVES to go swimming.  We have 2 ponds that
we hike out to from the house and at first she was a little reluctant to go
in the water after a thrown stick, but after a couple times, she decided it
was great fun.  She takes running leaps into the water and swims all over
the place.  She is a great dog and we thank you so much for all the groundwork you and
your kids did when she was first born to make her such a stable and well
adjusted dog.    She is awesome!
[email protected]


We would like to express our gratitude for helping us welcome Chester into our family! We were so pleased with how everything worked out. We were a bit nervous to find our family pet on the internet – but everything went so smoothly. Chester is a great addition to our family – he arrived clean, healthy and happy. We couldn’t be happier!
Thanks again,

Darwin, Jodi, Connor and Kayli Little (Colorado)

"Chester is cute and playful. I love having a dog. I’ve wanted a puppy since I was three years old." Connor, age 10

"We love our new puppy" Kayli, age 9"



We are loving him.  His name is "Moose" and it fits him quite well as he is
leggy (like a teenager). 
He has been to puppy class and we are working on basic training.  My
daughter will start 4-H with him in January.  It will include agility.

He is well behaved.  He wants to be with us always.  Even when we let him
out to "get busy", he wants to come in right away.  Moose is just the
opposite of our other dog that just wanted to get outside to run.  He is
just what we hoped for.

Thank you so much!

Tami and family





The puppies (Chief was Elvis and Atticus was Earl) are beyond wonderful. The
first afternoon we had them we all walked to the end of our dock to take a
swim and splash the puppies joined right in and we knew they were family. Atticus
is asleep on my foot as I write. He is such a gentleman and BEAUTIFUL. Chief
is all dog….chewing, biting and wrestling. We put in an electric fence this
week so they have the run of 3 acres. They learned very quickly the
boundaries. They are both soooo smart. They learned sit and down and crate
We are still working on not jumping up and stay.

Getting the two of them was smart. They are best pals. Our 15month old son
wants to be a dog.

They are terrific. Thank you so very much for all your help. We want a third

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Carolyn, Atticus and Chief