Current Litters

We hope to bring the love of a Golden Retriever into your home.


We do not have any puppies available right now.  If you would like to be on a waiting list for our next litter, please contact us. 

These pictures below are examples of what our puppies look like





There’s not many things as fun as playing with puppies. We feel like it's important to maintain a very clean, healthy environment. Puppies leave little piles and puddles, so if you are planning on a puppy, please realize they are a lot of work.

Puppies require your affection, time, space, and some money. Please do not get a puppy unless you are willing to take care of it properly. If you’re not in a situation to enjoy all a Golden Retriever can offer, it would be best for you to wait. When you receive a dog into your family, we hope that you will be commited to love and take care to him/her for their lifespan.

To promote responsible breeding, all of our puppies are sold with a LIMITED REGISTRATION, meaning that they aren't to be bred.

When you purchase a puppy from Utah English Goldens, you will receive a folder with information about your puppy. Included in this folder is a copy of the parent's pedigree, AKC registration, and OFA certificate. Your puppy will have dew claws removed, and an exam by a licensed Veterinarian (we will include a health certificate for this), current vacinations, and worming schedule, and registration application. We ask that you take your puppy to your chosen licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours upon arrival. For more information, look at our care and prevention page.

When you pick the puppy you want, it’s best to have the family help in the decision because it will become a family dog by its nature. Like people and children, each puppy has its’ own personality.

We hope to bring the love of a Golden Retriever into your home.