About Us

We are Dan and Lisa DeGraffenried. We live about 2 miles southwest of the small town of Aurora, Utah, which is situated on the border of the Pahvant Desert.  Dan has a bachelors degree in agriculture, with a minor in animal science. Lisa enjoys being a full-time mother, and also enjoys painting in her studio at home. We live on a 32 acre farm, where we grow crops of corn and hay. We are a large family, and we all have an active role in taking care of our crops and animals.
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We have a variety of animals that include our golden retrievers, horses, cattle, a chicken, ducks, a turtle, and several cats . Our children are involved in art, drama, piano, wrestling (boys), boy scouts (Dan is the Scout Master). Our family is actively involved in our church, school, and community. Dan and the children love horse back riding, especially on overnight pack trips.
As a family we enjoy camping, and hiking in the desert hills by our home, and our Goldens love to join in these activities. We also take them on daily walks in the hills where they have the opportunity to chase a jack rabbit, swim in the canals and ponds, and get some obedience training time.

Anastasia and Gentrysmall Dollysmall Baby Gentry

They have very spacious kennels, but spend very little time in them, because we like them by us. They prefer being in the back yard,or on the porch, but also enjoy spending some time with us in the house.
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I, (Lisa), grew up with my family having American golden retrievers, this is where I became well acquainted with their easy-going, friendly, gentle disposition. This is why we became involved in raising these outstanding pets.

Why English Cream Golden Retrievers?

Through researching the characteristics of the English/European golden retriever, we were introduced to Heber and Jared Beagley of Herriman, Utah ( mailto:[email protected] ). When we went to visit the Beagley’s European beauties we were so impressed. Their light, cream colored coats, and their symmetrical balance, and conformation gave the appearance of excellent breeding.  Not only were these retrievers superior to so many others we were acquainted with in thier appearance, but they exhibit a gentler, less excitable disposition as well.   We knew immediately this was the type of golden retriever we wanted. Through continued research we became acquainted with Tom Nawara of Gdynia, Poland, (http://www.brightongoldens.com/),currently living in Bolingbrook, Illinois, who is a very experienced dog breeder and personally knows some of the finest breeders in the world. He has been instrumental in importing our European golden retrievers. Even going to Poland, and “hand picking” our boy puppy (Gentry) for us. Our goldens come from National, and International Champion bloodlines, and are some of finest golden retrievers in the world. We are dedicated to continue this legacy.
small Anastasia